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Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Language Barrier Be A Problem In Spain?

No, you will find many people in the same position as you.

A lot of Spanish do speak English and there are many other people available to give you a helping hand where necessary, like your solicitor or the Office For Foreign Residents situated in Torrevieja town centre

How Do I Go About Learning The Language?

Apart from language schools and courses you can attend at home, you will find several in Spain. These consist of: intensive courses, weekly classes or individual tuition. The Spanish will normally be happy to lend a helping hand while you are learning and will certainly respect you for having a go.

What If I Don’t Like Spanish Food?

You will find that apart from tapas, paella and certain other regional specialities, Spanish food can be very similar to the food you eat at home. You can always get a pizza/pasta dish, steak, pork chops, seafood and salads. However you will be spoilt for choice with the wide variety of international restaurants in this region, for example you will find British restaurants, Belgium, French, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and not to mention the Indian cuisine so well known and enjoyed in the UK and Ireland. The supermarkets also stock a wide variety of brands and products so you need not leave your favourite foods behind.

Will I Be Able To Rent Out My Property In Spain?

Yes, many people choose to rent their properties and with several options available for rental from long term and holiday lets, we will be only too pleased to assist you with this aspect of your property You can decide whether you wish to rent your property to Golfers, Holiday-makers or people looking for a long-term rental while they are waiting for the completion on their own property.

How Much Could I Expect To Earn Through Renting Out My Property?

In the summer season weekly rentals for a 2 bed property can be as much a 400.00€. High season for golf rentals is autumn, winter and spring, as it is cooler for playing golf. The amount earned from a property will depend on its location, the property itself, the number of bedrooms and on whether it has access to a communal pool and other amenities.

By How Much Can I Expect The Value Of My Property In Spain To Rise?

Although definite figures cannot be predicted, in recent years property prices on the Costa Blanca have been rising by 5 - 7% per year. More and more people every year, from Northern European countries are aspiring to live in the warm climate of the South. In 2011 and going into 2012 there are a large number of bargain priced properties for sale on the market due to the world recession. There's never been a better time to buy....

How Will I Go About Arranging A Spanish Mortgage?

It is possible for a non-resident, to obtain up to 70% on a Spanish mortgage. All you need is: a P60 (or similar if you are self-employed) and your last three wage slips or some proof of income. The bank can usually tell us within a few days whether your application has been accepted and you will get your mortgage on completion of your property. We can help you get your mortgage through one of the banks we recommend in Spain.

Payment Structure For Re-Sales:

A deposit of 3000€ will be required to secure a reservation on a re-sale property. The balance will usually be paid on completion in the notary office within one or two months when you sign the deeds for your property. Most properties come fully furnished and with other extras.

What Additional Cost Can I Expect To Pay When Buying A Property In Spain?

There are additional costs involved in buying a property in Spain. We suggest you add 10% to the price of your property to cover 8% IVA (tax) and 3% for notary fees, legal costs, the equivalent of stamp duty and the connection of water and electricity.

What If Prices Increase Before I Get To Spain?

Our prices are updated on a regular basis. However, to avoid large price increases we suggest that as soon as you have decided to buy a property in Spain, you arrange an inspection trip where you will be in the right place at the right time to secure a price on your chosen property.

What Would My Annual Running Costs Amount To?

If you allow between 1,000€ and 1,500€, you will have more than enough to run a 2/3 bed property.

This includes:-

Water and electricity (standing charges)

Fiscal representation (a professional who can arrange to pay your taxes in Spain for you if you are a non-resident)

Local rates and taxes, Community fees, House Insurance, Wealth Tax

How Much Will My Community Fees Amount To?

Community charges for the year are relatively low. You will usually pay somewhere in the region of 200 – 300 euros per year. The charges vary depending on what you as a community wish to spend the money on. For example, some communities appoint a lifeguard for the summer and others wish to create more garden areas with extra plants. It’s up to you to decide once the builders have moved off site and handed it over to the community.

Do I Need A Work Permit?

No, this is not necessary. As Spain is a part of the EU, you have the same rights to work as you would in the UK and Ireland or other member state.

How Will I Go About Finding Employment In Spain?

Unemployment is higher this year in the area, but there are still plenty of jobs to go around. Jobs will be advertised in the local newspaper and you can also send off your CV to the companies you are interested in as you would in the UK and Ireland.

Could I Set Up A Business In Spain?

Yes, you will find that there’s plenty of scope for new businesses in this area. As the population is growing, so is the need for extra services. Again, no permit is required and you can register as a company or as self-employed. You will need to make social security contributions. For this you will need your NIE number. You can apply for this when you sign for your property. It is a fiscal number similar to the national insurance number in the UK and PPS number in Ireland and is used as an identification number.

I have Lots Of Hobbies at home, What Will I Do In Spain?

There are plenty of clubs and societies in this region so you certainly won’t be short of things to do. You will find various theatre groups, dance groups, walking clubs, bridge, tennis, crown green bowling, water sports clubs and with a brand new leisure centre plus a brand new bowling and cinema complex, you can enjoy all the activities you did at home.

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